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Download Songr: song finder

Simple and practical music search


If you are someone who doesn’t like using P2P clients, Songr is the ideal answer for all your music download needs. With this application you can find music easily through its powerful search engines, all the songs or albums you want, and you can download them directly to your PC or just play within the platform.

Simplicity of execution

Unlike other programs with more cumbersome processes in Songr the search is simple. You only have to point out the word to guide the search, wait for results and then choose one of the options provided.

Search by lyric

It often happens that you do not remember the exact title of a song. With Songr you can search for songs with just the words of the particular song you are searching for. You can also navigate by artist, subject or title of a disc.

Downloading videos

In addition to its rich music downloading features, Songr enables you to extract Youtube videos, or KOhit 4shared, among others. It allows you to download video as well as audio.